Naída CI Q Series Sound Processors

Bring on the Sound

Hearing as Unique as You Are

The cochlear implant system you choose is the most important decision you can make on your journey to hearing. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you expect to be able to hear and understand with confidence. For the first time in history, cochlear implant recipients now have access to the combined dynamic technologies of Advanced Bionics and Phonak, the innovation leaders in cochlear implants and hearing instruments. AB's Naída CI Q Series of sound processors provide leading technologies from this union designed to provide you or your child with the world’s best hearing performance in all situations.

Bring on the Performance


Setting the Bar
in hearing performance

The Naída CI Q30 sound processor from Advanced Bionics is the optimal choice for recipients seeking outstanding performance in noise and wireless connectivity, while enjoying simplicity and ease of use.

Raising the Bar

in hearing performance 


The Naída CI Q70 sound processor is the ideal choice for recipients who benefit from greater comfort and advanced bilateral features. Containing all the features of the Naída CI Q30, it includes additional binaural, bilateral, and bimodal features ideal for hearing in noise and on the phone. The Naída CI Q70 also includes features for hearing with comfort in challenging listening situations.

Surpassing the Bar

in hearing performance

The Naída CI Q90 sound processor is the premium solution for recipients who benefit from a full line of features and accessories, including all of the powerful features included in the Naída CI Q70 sound processor, additional unique automatic capabilities, the industry’s most focused beamformer for better hearing in noise, and future Electro Acoustic stimulation compatibility.

* EAS compatibility requires next generation software and a Naída CI Q90 Acoustic Earhook. Pending regulatory approval.

** Currently available for bilateral cochlear implant users only. These features will be available for bimodal users with the release of our next generation SoundWave™ fitting software and a compatible Phonak Naída hearing aid. Pending regulatory approval.

The Power of Two Working Together as One

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Bring on the Sound

Hearing as Unique as
You Are


Bring on the Automaticity
Simply Automatic

Bring on the Binaural VoiceStream Technology™

The Best Technology For Hearing With Two Ears

Bring on the Noise

Superior Hearing Everywhere You Go

Bring on the Conversation

The Most Comprehensive Set of Phone Solutions

Bring on the Connection

Reach Out, Tune In, Stay Connected

Bring on the Comfort

Hearing Comfort in Every Situation

Bring on the Understanding

Hear Better in Extreme Noise and Over Distance

Bring on the Water

Uncovered. Uncompromised. Underwater Hearing.

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