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Enjoy any activity you choose in any kind of environment with the confidence that you will always hear your best.

The features in AB's Naída CI Q90 sound processor are uniquely designed to
 help you communicate, enjoy music, and keep connected. AB & Phonak hearing innovations intelligently adapt to any listening situation for superior sound anywhere you go.

Neptune is the world's first and only waterproof sound processor for adventures in any environment without the need for any accessory and uses the AquaMic™ headpiece, the industry's only waterproof microphone allows uncovered, uncompromised hearing in and out of water.

Why Michael Chose AB

"The Naída CI sound processor has not only given me my life back, but it has opened up my world as well. I can do things and go places I never thought that I could before because of my hearing. The accessories that go along with it just continue to make my life easier. The more I use them, the more I adapt and the easier life becomes." 


Michael Lambert, AB recipient



Haumann S, Buchner A, Lenarz Th. Does the Input Dynamic Range of Cochlear Implant Processors Influence Speech Perception in Adverse Listening Situations? Oral Presentation at the 10th International Conference on Cochlear Implant and Other Implantable Auditory Technologies, San Diego, CA. April 10-12, 2008.

AB Outperforms the Competition

Independent studies demonstrate that AB’s advanced sound processing outperforms the competition. Choose the best to hear your best.

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When you choose AB, you join a family of caring professionals dedicated to supporting your needs. AB’s qualified service teams and comprehensiverehabilitation resources are available to help you during your entire journey to hearing.Our commitment includes a wide range of support and services available to you and loved ones.

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