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Selecting a cochlear implant system for you or your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Advanced Bionics is a technology innovation leader with 20 years of experience developing top-performing cochlear implant systems. Since joining forces with Phonak, AB has exclusive access to Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ for industry-leading hearing technologies no other cochlear implant company can offer.

Engineer Chooses AB for Technology

“I chose AB because AB’s technology and upgradeability would give me the best sound quality right away and in the future. As an engineer, the untapped capabilities of the implant, enabling upgrades for years to come, were especially important to me.”

Howard Samuels, AB recipient

The Best Solution for Hearing in Noise

Only AB cochlear implant recipients have access to the combined dynamic technologies of the innovation leaders in cochlear implants and hearing instruments designed for the best possible hearing in noise. And when AB sound processing and Phonak features are used together, recipients enjoy significant improvements in speech understanding for clear and accurate communication in loud settings.1

T-Mic™ 2 Microphone

takes advantage of the outer ear’s ability to gather sounds in noise.

ClearVoice™* Speech Enhancement Technology

up to 25% improvement in speech understanding in noise. The market’s only sound processing technology clinically proven to deliver superior hearing performance in noise.2

HiRes Fidelity 120™* Sound Processing

uses 120 spectral bands to deliver five times more sound resolution for better hearing in noisy settings.

HiRes™ Optima Sound Processing*

optimizes battery life while delivering the same great performance of HiRes Fidelity 120 with AB’s unique current steering technology.

AutoSound™ OS Technology

combines AB and Phonak solutions that adapt automatically for better speech understanding, greater music enjoyment, more comfort in the presence of wind and sudden noises, and effortless conversations wherever you go.

UltraZoom Feature

this dual-microphone technology pioneered by Phonak is designed to focus on sound from a speaker located in front of the listener for improved speech understanding in noisy settings.








Groundbreaking Phonak Binaural VoiceStream Technology gives your Naída CI Q90 sound processors the unique ability to communicate with each other so they can work together, automatically in and in real time. They focus on the sound you want to hear and deliver it to both ears while significantly reducing unwanted noises.

ZoomControl Feature

designed to focus on a speaker to your front-back or left-right for clearer speech understanding in noisy settings.

DuoPhone Feature

automatically streams your phone calls directly to both ears for hearing in stereo and easier phone conversations.

QuickSync Feature

provides one-touch control for convenient, instant, simultaneous adjustments to volume and program settings on two Naída CI sound processors.

Roger™ 17 Receiver

design-integrated receiver attaches directly to your Naída CI processor battery so you can take advantage of the wireless Roger™ system for better hearing in noise and over distance.

Roger™ Pen

streams a speaker’s voice or multiple speakers’ voices to the design-integrated Roger 17 receiver on your Naída CI processor for beter hearing in noise and over distance; can also be used to stream phone calls, TV, and multimedia .

Roger™ Clip-On Mic

can be used by a communication partner to stream their voice directly to a Roger 17 receiver for easier one-on-one conversations in noise and over distance.

ComPilot Accessory

wirelessly streams calls, music, and other media simultaneously to both ears for surround sound in noise.

Phonak TVLink II Accessory

streams high-quality audio directly to your sound processors for improved hearing while enjoying your favourite shows on TV.

RemoteMic Accessory

takes the strain out of conversations in noisy places by streaming voices directly to both ears.

The Best Solution for Hearing Music

Advanced Bionics understands that music is an integral part of life, so we not only want you or your child to hear vocals and instruments, but we want you to hear them as accurately as possible. From the first dance on your wedding day to singing songs at bath time with your baby, AB’s technology is designed to help you or your child hear cherished melodies without missing a note.

HiRes Fidelity 120™* and HiRes™ Optima* Sound Processing

the only sound processing technology that can implement simultaneous current steering to deliver the dimensions of music (loudness, pitch, timing) for a full musical experience.

ClearVoice™* Speech Enhancement Technology

helps you understand the lyrics of your favourite songs.

AutoSound™ OS Technology

continually adjusts the volume as you listen, ensuring that you catch every moment.

Wide IDR (Input Dynamic Range)

enables AB recipients to hear more sound with less distortion, so it’s easier to hear music, make out lyrics, and discern individual instruments.

T-Mic™ 2 Microphone

makes it effortless to use earbuds with your MP3 player.

The Best Solution for Staying Connected

Cell phones, Bluetooth-enabled products, and other consumer electronics devices are a big part of the world of sound today. AB is the industry leader in keeping you connected to music, entertainment, information, and more.

  • Phonak ComPilot Accessory: seamless access to mobile phones, computers, media players, TVs, navigation systems, Bluetooth-enabled products and countless other devices.
  • Phonak TVLink II Accessory: streams high-quality audio directly to your Naída CI sound processors for improved hearing while watching TV.
  • Neptune Connect: provides direct connectivity to electronic devices, including MP3 players and other audio devices.
  • T-Coil provides easy wireless connectivity to induction-loop systems and compatible telephones commonly found in auditoriums, theaters and other public places.

The Best Solution for Children

AB cochlear implants have been developed to help little ears hear big with advanced technology designed to help your child listen, talk, and attend mainstream schools alongside their normal-hearing peers. There are also flexible wearing options that grow with your child to keep him or her as comfortable as possible while they take in the world of sound.

  • Naída CI Q Series Sound Processors: This featherlite instyle™ processor offers barely there on-ear or off-ear wearing ideal for little ears.
  • Neptune™ Sound Processor: With its freestyle™ nothing-on-the-ear design and swimmable technology for hearing in pools, baths, lakes, oceans and rivers, Neptune is an outstanding choice for kids.
  • HiRes Fidelity 120™* Sound Processing: Delivers five times more sound resolution than competing sound processors, so your child hears more of the details in speech, music, and when listening in noise.
  • AutoSound™ OS Technology: Adapts dynamically to changing environments, optimizes incoming sound, and automatically adjusts the volume levels so you and your child’s teachers know he or she can concentrate on listening and learning instead of making adjustments to the sound processor.
  • ClearVoice™* Speech Enhancement Technology: Automatically analyzes and adapts to every listening situation your child encounters. When noise is present, it automatically separates speech from surrounding noise for optimized hearing even in the most challenging listening environments.
  • QuickSync Feature, part of Phonak’s exclusive Binaural VoiceStream Technology, allows parents and teachers to quickly sync both sound processors for bilateral recipients.
  • T-Mic™ 2 Microphone: Uses the natural shape of your child’s outer ear to better collect sound for effortless, more focused listening.
  • FM Access: AB sound processors offer easy access to FM systems for better hearing in classrooms.
  • Flexible Wearing Options: Both on-the-ear and off-the-ear wearing options are available to suit your child’s needs.

*Not approved for pediatric patients in the United States

The Best Solution for those with Visual or Dexterity Issues

AB develops hearing solutions with ease of use in mind. Controls, features, and automatic sound processing make it easy to hear your best.

  • Tactile Controls: Ideal for those affected by visual or dexterity issues, the Neptune sound processor’s award-winning design makes it simple to operate.
  • Easy Battery Changes: Both Naída CI Q Series and Neptune processors feature rechargeable and disposable batteries that are easy to attach and remove.
  • AutoSound™ OS Technology: Adapts dynamically to changing environments, optimizes incoming sound, and automatically adjusts the volume levels without needing to make a change on the processor.
  • ClearVoice™* Speech Enhancement Technology: Automatically separates speech from surrounding noise for optimized hearing even in the most challenging listening environments—with no adjustment to the processor needed.


*Not approved for pediatric patients in the United States



Buechner A. Utilization of advanced pre-processing strategies in cochlear implant systems: The new Naída CI Q70. Presented at the 11th European Symposium on Cochlear Implants in Istanbul, Turkey, May 23-26, 2013


Advanced Bionics. (2012) ClearVoice Clinical Results White Paper.

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