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Effortless Communication, on the Phone

Chatting with loved ones. Keeping in touch with business associates. Ordering takeout. Whenever you use the phone, you want the comfort and confidence that comes with hearing and understanding as clearly as possible. Whether you use one or two Naída CI sound processors, or a processor and compatible hearing aid, unique AB and Phonak innovations make talking on the phone easier and better than ever. Wireless streaming options mean that crystal clear audio is transmitted directly to your hearing devices. When you hold the phone to one ear, ear-to-ear technology streams the sound to both devices at the same time.

  • Use a hands-free option or hold the phone directly to your ear like everyone else
  • Hear calls in both ears clearly even in noisy places
  • Video chat online with wireless streaming from your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Use any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, anytime, anywhere

Phonak DECT Phone

The Phonak DECT Phone looks and works just like a regular cordless phone. It also streams sound directly to your Naída CI sound processors or your processor and a compatible Phonak hearing aid while reducing noise and maximizing understanding.

Phonak EasyCall Accessory

The EasyCall accessory streams calls directly from your phone to your Naída CI sound processors or your processor and a compatible Phonak hearing aid without the need for any other device or transmitter.

T-Mic 2

With the T-Mic™ 2 microphone, you can hold your phone to your ear, without searching for the processor microphone. The patented T-Mic is the only microphone placed at the opening of the ear canal. This unique placement means that it uses the ear’s natural sound-capturing capabilities.

DuoPhone Feature

With the DuoPhone feature, the phone signal is streamed in real time to both ears simultaneously. You hear the caller’s voice in stereo, making conversations much easier to understand, even in noisy surroundings.

Roger Technology and Phonak ComPilot Accessory

Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled phone, computer, or tablet with your choice of the ComPilot accessory or Roger™ technology. Both accessories stream sound directly to your Naída CI sound processors or your processor and a compatible Phonak hearing aid while reducing competing noise around you.

“The ComPilot is phenomenal. I’m a techie, so it fits right into my lifestyle. I was using it to listen to music on my Mac while doing some work in a coffee shop when some people asked me what it was. When I explained it to them and described all the features tht it has — Bluetooth, FM capabilitites, and the auiliary port — they said that they were jealous!”
Michael Lambert, AB recipient

“We’re so thrilled that the relationship between Phonak and AB has resulted in the Naída CI Processor and the ComPilot, which allows Teddy to hear music, his computer, and his phone in both ears at the same time!”
Kerri Hicks, mother of AB recipient Teddy

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