Connect Like Never Before With Naída CI

Stream direct. Hands free. Any device. 

Phonak + AB have developed Naída™ CI Connect Receiver — an elegant, design-integrated solution for the Naida CI Q90 sound processor.

Stream your favorite music via Bluetooth® without the hassle of a bodyworn device. Connect to any Android, iOS, or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Reach Out and Tune In with Phonak’s Fully Compatible Streaming Accessories

Let your child discover the freedom of wireless communication and the incredible benefits of better hearing in noise. With AB, your child has access to proven Phonak technology already relied upon by over half a million hearing aid users around the world. Phonak wireless streaming accessories transmit crystal clear audio directly to your child’s processors or a compatible Phonak hearing aid.

The Phonak ComPilot accessory connects wirelessly to all of today’s popular media devices so you can enjoy music, radio, and more straight from any smartphone, computer or Bluetooth-enabled technology.

The Phonak TVLink II accessory streams audio wirelessly from any television via the ComPilot to
your devices.

The Phonak RemoteMic accessory streams a speaker’s voice wirelessly via the ComPilot to your child´s devices so they can chat one-on-one more easily and with greater clarity in noisy situations or over longer distance.


Roger Wireless Streaming Technology

We all have times when we could use a little help. Whether your child needs to better understand speech in noisy situations or over distance, with one speaker or in a group, connect to wireless microphone systems, talk on the phone, watch television, or hear music more clearly, our ultimate streaming technology, Roger, has a solution.

Roger is the digital wireless transmission standard from Phonak that wirelessly transmits sounds directly to the Naída CI sound processor to bridge the understanding gap in noisy situations and over distance.1 With the Naída CI and its design-integrated Roger receiver, your child can connect to a wide array of Roger and other Bluetooth devices, making it the ideal option for any wireless listening experience.

"Roger allows me to hear the teacher in class and to stream movies and music. It's easy to use and really cool!" 
Anthony G
., AB Recipient 

Roger System for Schools

To succeed in school, your child needs to hear the bell, follow the teacher’s lessons, hear the responses from classmates, and understand the narrator of documentaries. Teachers around the world trust Phonak + Roger technologies to help their students hear their best. And with the Naída CI sound processor, your child will have access to both. With the design-integrated Roger receiver, the teacher’s voice, classmate’s conversations, and sound from multimedia devices can be sent directly to your child’s ear—allowing them to enjoy better sound quality and better speech understanding in noise and over distance.2


Compatible Roger Mic Accessories for Extra Hearing Power

Roger is the digital wireless standard from Phonak that enables your child to hear and understand more speech in extreme noise and over distance.2 Using directional microphone technology that easily integrates with your child’s Naída CI, these specialized Roger accessories transmit crystal clear sound while reducing background noise so your child can hear more in school, at lectures, and during one-on-one conversations.


Roger 17 receiver


The design-integrated Roger 17 receiver attaches easily and discreetly to the Naída CI processors, allowing your child to receive great quality audio from your choice of two Roger microphones.

Roger Clip-On Mic

The Roger Clip-On Mic is a discreet wireless microphone that can be clipped to a speaker’s clothing, making it ideal for one-on-one conversations in noisy surroundings. It can also be used to stream audio wirelessly from your TV,computer, tablet, radio, or MP3 player.

Roger Pen

The Roger Pen™ is a 3-in-1 device that can be used in multiple ways. By automatically sensing its position and adjusting to the source of sound, it can be used in both group settings or as a targeted one-on-one communication tool. And its Bluetooth-streaming capability can be used for mobile phone calls or for letting your child easily connect to enjoy their favorite music, videos, movies, or TV shows.

Phone Connectivity Features and Accessories

Whether your child uses one or two Naída CI sound processors, or a processor and compatible hearing aid, AB and Phonak innovations make hearing and understanding on the phone easier than ever. The Naída CI gives you more options for hearing on the phone or chatting online than any other cochlear implant system.


Phonak EasyCall accessory

The Phonak EasyCall accessory connects easily to any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone or smartphone to streams calls directly from your child´s phone to their Naída CI sound processors or their processor and a compatible Phonak hearing aid without the need for any other device or transmitter.

Phonak DECT Phone

The Phonak DECT Phone transmits landline calls wirelessly to your child´s bilateral processors or a processor and compatible Phonak hearing aid. And since it’s a separate, external device, it can be used by anyone in the family to stream calls to their devices too.

T-Mic 2 Microphone

AB’s T-Mic 2 microphone, that comes standard with all Naída CI, is the only microphone in the industry that sits at the opening of the ear canal, so your child can hold the phone to the ear and have conversations just like everyone else.

Unlimited Potential in Childhood and Beyond with Naída CI

If your child loves to run, bike, swim, or play sports, the durable Naída CI sound processor helps them keep moving. The behind-the-ear design is perfect for most activities and environments, and can withstand common elements like rain, sweat, and humidity. Want to go more extreme? Don’t risk your child´s safety or spontaneity by covering your microphone. The Naída CI system offers a waterproof microphone. This means your child can enjoy uncompromised sound quality in and around the water with no loss of hearing performance.3 So, if your child has plans to cliff dive, rock climb, complete a triathlon, or just relax by the pool, with Naída CI, they won’t miss a sound!



“Seeing your deaf child playing in the water, hearing the crashing waves, snorkeling, communicating with their friends and siblings at the beach is a dream come true.”
Terrie K., Mother of Poppy


Uncovered, Uncompromised and Unbelievably Clear Underwater Hearing

The Naída CI gives your child the freedom to pursue any activity, no matter how
wet or messy. They want to swim in the pool or take a dip in the ocean without
compromising their ability to hear clearly? They want to go run through a sprinkler or a spring rain? Whatever the activity, if it involves getting wet, sweaty, dirty, or dusty, AB’s fully waterproof technologies offer unique advantages for any situation.


• The AquaMic™ headpiece is the industry’s only waterproof processor microphone for uncompromised hearing in, under, or out of the water.

• The sturdy, waterproof AquaCase™ enclosure provides protection for the Naída CI while your child enjoys any adventure, in any environment.

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deCeulaer G, Bestel J, Mulder H, Goldbeck F, Varebeke S, Govaerts P, (2016) Speech understanding in noise with Roger Pen, Naida CI Q70 processor and integrated Roger 17 receiver in a multi-talker network. European Archives of Otorhinolaryngology 273(5):1107-1114


Thibodeau, Linda M., and Lauren Schaper. “Benefits of digital wireless technology for persons with hearing aids.” Seminars in Hearing. Vol. 35. No. 03. Thieme Medical Publishers, 2014.


Briaire, Jeroen J., et al. “Survey of cochlear implant user satisfaction with the Neptune™ waterproof sound processor.” Audiology research 6.1 (2016).

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