1. Place patient in sitting position to allow access to the implant site.

    NOTE: If the patient is bilaterally implanted, prepare to locate both implant devices using the following steps. Both implant locations must have compression dressing placed over their magnets.

    Secure MRI Antenna Coil Cover over implant magnet site

  2. Place the patient headpiece (with cable removed) over the implant site. The magnets will hold the headpiece in place.

Patient headpiece magnetically attached

  1. Cut a piece of the Coach bandage that is long enough to wrap around the head once.
  2. Wrap this piece around the head, so that the bandage covers the patient headpiece. Make this wrap tight.

Patient headpiece under bandage


  1. Outline the position of the headpiece on the bandage using a marker or pen.

Marked bandage showing outline of headpiece


  1. Slip out the patient headpiece, but keep the bandage in place.

Removing headpiece with bandage in place

  1. Slide the MRI Antenna Coil Cover under the bandage, lining it up with the marked outline of the headpiece.

Inserting MRI Antenna Coil Cover


MRI Antenna Coil Cover under marked outline


Measure head size and bandage length needed for compression wrapping

  1. Take the remaining Coach bandage roll, and wrap the bandage around the head once, without stretching.

Remaining Coach bandage roll wrapped once around head

  1. Mark the location on the bandage that is one full wrap around the head. This is the head circumference.

Mark bandage one full wrap


Marked head circumference around head



  1. Unwrap the piece of bandage with the marked head circumference, and place it on a flat surface.

Marked head circumference


  1. Unroll the remaining bandage roll. Fold over the bandage start and crease at the marked head circumference.
  1. Cut or tear the remaining bandage where it overlaps with the bandage start. The resulting bandage piece length is twice the head circumference.

Apply compression bandaging

  1. Wrap this cut piece, this time very tightly, by stretching the marked line an additional half turn around the head.

NOTE: After 1.5 turns, the marked line should be on the opposite side of the head from where you started the wrap.

  1. Continue wrapping the bandage at 150% extension for an additional 1.5 turns, resulting in 3 full turns total.

NOTE: After 3 turns, the bandage should end where you started the wrap (further is acceptable also).

After the MRI

Once the MRI procedure has been completed, gently remove the Coach Wrap, tape, and the MRI Antenna Coil Cover.

Discard all components including the MRI Antenna Coil Cover.