MRI Warning

Do not allow patients with a HiRes 90K/Advantage cochlear implant to be in the area of an MRI scanner unless the following conditions have been met:

  • The bandaging protocol recommended by Advanced Bionics is followed when the patient undergoes a 1.5T MRI procedure with the magnet left in place, or
  • For cases that would clinically benefit from reduced device artifact (for example some head or neck scans), the internal magnet is surgically removed and possibly replaced with the temporary non-magnetic plug before the patient undergoes an MRI procedure.
  • The external sound processor and headpiece are removed before entering a room where an MRI scanner is located.
  • The recommended minimum duration of time post implant surgery prior to undergoing an MRI scan is 2 to 4 weeks in order to allow any inflammation to subside.
  • An MRI scan is not recommended if the patient has a fever.
  • Caution: The bandaging protocol with use of the MRI Antenna Coil Cover was developed and approved to prevent magnet displacement and counteract magnet torque during a 1.5T MRI procedure, but some discomfort and pain at the implant site may still be experienced. Please consult with your physician if this is an issue
  • Caution: If discomfort persists following an MRI, please notify your physician
  • Caution: Failure to secure the MRI Antenna Coil Cover and internal magnet in place during MRI may result in magnet displacement or the need for surgical revision
  • Caution: Please consult with your physician prior to MRI to determine if the benefits of MRI are worthwhile over other imaging techniques
  • MRI preparations must be conducted outside of the MRI room.
  • Verify that the implant, or both implants if bilaterally implanted, are compatible for conducting an MRI before proceeding. Failure to do so can lead to device movement, device damage, magnet movement, patient discomfort, or trauma and pain to the patient.
  • MRI procedures are contraindicated for CLARION (C1 and CII) Cochlear Implant recipients.
  • For additional information regarding the use of an MRI scanner with a HiRes 90K/Advantage device, please contact Advanced Bionics Technical Support.

MRI testing of the HiRes 90K cochlear implant family with the internal magnet in place is only available in markets where regulatory approval has been received. Contact your Advanced Bionics representative for more information.