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If you’re here, you probably have a few questions about cochlear implants.

  • Are you or a loved one a candidate for CIs?
  • How are CIs different from hearing aids?
  • Will you hear better with CIs than you do now?
  • Is there surgery involved?

We know you might be feeling a little overwhelmed, and Advanced Bionics is here to give you some basic information. If you decide that you want to move forward we’ll set you up with a hearing healthcare specialist who can answer your specific questions and assess your personal situation.

You are not alone

Over 5% of the world's population (that's 360 million people) are affected by hearing loss. Luckily we live in a time when we can continue living normal, full lives, thanks to modern technology…

So many people with severe-to-profound hearing loss have gone on to live full, successful lives thanks to AB's groundbreaking technology. With over 20 years of experience, we know it works because we see the amazing results every day.

Jim's Story

Aria's Story

Barbara and Pati's Story

With AB by your side, you can live your best life. If hearing aids aren’t helping, and you want to hear better than you hear now, you’ve come to the right place. Take this quick candidacy quiz to find out if cochlear implants are the right solution for you. 

Learn about Cochlear Implants and Hearing Loss

So what exactly IS a cochlear implant?

It’s not a hearing aid 

While hearing aids amplify sound, cochlear implants bypass the damaged part of the ear and use electrical stimulation to enable you to hear. Using a highly advanced system of microphones and sound processors, it’s the only technology that’s capable of functionally restoring one of the five senses. Also, unlike hearing aids that are often not covered by insurance, cochlear implants are covered by most insurance policies and Medicare. 

Learn more about how cochlear implants work here.

It’s a lifelong solution

It’s not brain surgery, it's a routine outpatient surgical procedure in which a small incision is made behind the ear to place the implant. You’ll likely be able to go home later that same day.


It’s suitable for any age 

Cochlear implants can be used by people of all ages, from 12 months and older.

Talk to a Hearing Healthcare Specialist

Should you choose to pursue the path towards better hearing with us, our healthcare specialists are ready to answer any of your questions. We have several ways to get in touch:

Connect with us

Phone:   866.844.HEAR (866.844.4327)


We understand that every situation is unique and every candidate has different goals and fears. Our highly trained specialists want only what’s best for you or your loved one. A short conversation can guide you towards the solution that’s right for your lifestyle.


Hear and Be Heard™

Our Bionic Ear Association (BEA™) is a community of recipients, candidates and professionals working together to promote the benefits and optimal use of cochlear implants and Advanced Bionics technology.

Talk to Others Who Live Their Lives with Cochlear Implants

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone who has already been through this process. We have several ways to reach out to people who have been in your shoes, and who are excited to chat, laugh, and share stories with you.

Shuk Ling Yuen, AB recipient

Steve Dawson, AB recipient

Join the world’s largest community of positive, supportive people who care about implants. Meet candidates, recipients, professionals and scientists who know what you’re going through and then take part in any of the dozens of conversations about the joys and challenges of hearing with cochlear implants.


Connect with a Mentor

Through the BEA™ Mentor program, you can directly connect with another cochlear implant recipient or parent who can assist you in navigating the process of choosing and living with cochlear implants.

An extensive toolbox of rehabilitation tools for children, teens and adults.

Thank you for contacting us to assist with your hearing solutions. Count on us—a community of hearing health professionals and recipients of cochlear implants—to help you Hear and Be Heard™. A representative from Advanced Bionics will be in touch soon!

If your request needs immediate attention or you have additional questions, please contact

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Our dedicated hearing healthcare specialists are waiting to hear from you.

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