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Cochlear Implants from Advanced Bionics

While hearing aids are a solution for many people, there comes a point when they may no longer be effective. To regain the sounds and joys of life they are missing, an increasing number of people with significant hearing loss are turning to the advanced technology of cochlear implants.

Cochlear implants allow people to reconnect with loved ones, seize more opportunities at work, and enjoy being able to hear their best in any environment.

For children with significant hearing loss, cochlear implants can provide the hearing they need to develop language skills, excel in school, and join in any activities, including water-based sports and games.


What is a Cochlear Implant?

This sophisticated technology is designed to mimic natural hearing for those with significant hearing loss. Made up of both an internal implant and external sound processor, the cochlear implant system bypasses the damaged part of the ear and sends electrical signals directly to the hearing nerve.

Most cochlear implant recipients demonstrate significant improvement in their ability to understand speech, even in noisy environments, compared to hearing-aid wearers.

AB’s Cochlear Implant Systems are…

  • Covered by most healthcare plans, including Medicare and Medicaid
  • Fully upgradeable for future technology
  • Designed to help you hear better in noisy settings, from bustling restaurants to busy airports
  • Developed to help you hear in water, dust, and dirt so you can hear your best during any activity in any environment
  • Designed with your music enjoyment in mind

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