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We pushed the limits of technology to provide the most detailed sound because we want your child to get the most out of every listening experience — whether it’s hearing music, their teachers and friends or the amazing sounds of the world around them.  

We believe that better technology means better hearing and better hearing leads to better living. That’s why our teams of engineers, scientists, audiologists, surgical specialists, educators and support staff want to be a part of your child’s success.

With over 70 years of experience developing and delivering innovative hearing technologies, we are dedicated to providing the most complete, natural and future-proof hearing solution possible for kids, for you, or for someone you love.

Getting a CI is a life-changing decision. That’s why we at AB design implants for life.

What´s Inside Matters

Our HiRes™ Ultra 3D cochlear implant was designed for detail. It automatically encodes an incredibly wide range of intensities (up to 80 decibels), delivers frequency information to 120 cochlear places using a patented delivery method and provides up to 83,000 updates per second1—far more detail than any other system can deliver.

And with the first-of-its-kind multi-magnet assembly that provides 3D magnetic alignment to the magnetic field, the implant is also safe for 3.0 Tesla MRI without magnet removal to give your child the freedom of hassle free and pain free MRIs if they ever need one. We made sure it’s safe because we want your child to be able benefit from the best technology, medicine and opportunities everywhere in life.

Best Overall
Medical Device

HiFocusTM Mid Scala Electrode

HiFocusTM SlimJ Electrode

  • Gentle on the Inner Ear – Once inserted into the cochlea, the tiny electrode array is used to stimulate your child’s hearing nerve. The HiRes Ultra 3D offers the surgeon the choice of two electrodes, depending on preferences and anatomical variations. The HiFocus SlimJ electrode and the HiFocus Mid-Scala electrode are both designed to protect the delicate cochlea structures2,3 and provide complete coverage of the cochlea for full-spectrum sound.4-6
  • Future-Proof – Our HiRes Ultra 3D implants are designed to accommodate signal processing improvements for decades to come. If you ever want to upgrade your child´s sound processor, they can enjoy new listening features and expanded capabilities without needing to change the implant.
  • Thin, Strong and Versatile – Our thin, small, discreet design is especially suitable for young children. The HiRes Ultra 3D is designed to exceed industry standards for impact resistance4 so your child can enjoy life’s adventures without limits.
  • MRI Compatible – MRI diagnostic imaging uses powerful magnetic fields that can interfere with the use of certain medical devices. Our HiRes Ultra 3D cochlear implant, with its multi-magnet assembly, provides alignment with the strong magnetic field, allowing no restriction on MRI head movement. This means far less stress for your child during the most common types of MRIs.
  • Cochlear monitoring & objective audiometry* – During CI surgery, the unique AIM system can use the HiRes™ Ultra 3D cochlear implant to monitor the function of your child’s cochlea and provide the surgeon with invaluable insights while the electrode array is inserted. After the surgery, AIM makes it fast and easy for your child’s hearing care professional to assess and monitor how your child’s cochlea responds to sound, saving time during follow-up visits.

   * Not available in all CI centers


High-Performance Technology for
High-Performance Childhood

Our Naída CI sound processor provides unique, groundbreaking features proven to help your child effortlessly hear better in any environment while giving them the durability and flexibility to participate in all of childhood’s fun.

Our thin, light processor is discreet and comfortable for all-day use, and nine color options give your child the freedom to blend in or stand out. Rechargeable or disposable batteries make powering up easy, while simple, intuitive buttons let them easily control volume and settings. Or, they can keep it on automatic for the greatest ease of use.


T-Mic 2 Microphone

The unique T-Mic™ 2 microphone is the only microphone in the industry that sits at the opening of the ear canal, allowing your child to use cell phones, Bluetooth devices, MP3 players, and other battery-powered audio devices just like everyone else. Plus, it takes advantage of the ear’s natural sound-gathering capabilities to help them hear their best in noise.7

Universal Headpiece (UHP)

Featuring a sleek, low-profile design, the Universal Headpiece was developed for comfortable all-day use with the Naída CI processor. Unique to our headpiece is an internal microphone that lets your child wear the processor off the ear and still have a head-level microphone.

Superior Performance and Sound Quality

Your child can enjoy natural sound quality and phone use with the only in-the-ear microphone.7 With this automatic directional microphone, they hear their best in noise and never miss important sounds.5

Effortless Connectivity

If your child has a smartphone, give them wireless flexibility with a design-integrated boot for Bluetooth and remote microphones. They can take a call directly in their ear with a Naída CI compatible home phone from Phonak.

Coordinated and Customized Hearing Solutions

Keep both ears working together with Naída CI. The automatic, wireless, ear-to-ear network allows your child´s sound processors to work seamlessly together or with other hearing devices. Customizing a solution for the specific hearing needs of your child is easy.

Activity and Flexibility

Give your child the uncompromised freedom to dive in and enjoy the sound in wet and wild places with our waterproof AquaCase™ enclosure. Our off-ear clip keeps everything in place so you don’t have to worry about them losing their processor.

We Have Two Ears for a Reason

Hearing is a team effort that requires both of your child’s ears to work in harmony. That’s why you shouldn’t settle for any hearing technology that’s less than a complete solution.

The Naída CI sound processor is the only cochlear implant system capable of automatically establishing a wireless network with devices on the other ear. Using Phonak’s Binaural Voicestream Technology™ feature, this network capability allows your child to simultaneously adjust volume or change programs in both ears, stream phone calls to both ears and enjoy automatic noise filtering technology in both ears so they can better understand speech and keep their hearing perfectly synchronized.8

By sharing audio signals with another Naída CI or a hearing aid, Naida makes sure your child can fully enjoy sound in stereo no matter what combination of hearing solutions they have.


Naída CI + Naída CI
Bilateral Solution

Naída CI + Naída Link Hearing Aid
Bimodal Solution

AutoSound OS

Children move through the world to experience many different sound environments. With AutoSound™ OS sound processing, our Naída CI sound processor intelligently analyzes and automatically adapts to the sound around them so they hear their best wherever they go without having to change programs or adjust any settings. That means they can independently conquer their world without worrying about having to make any adjustments.

Binaural VoiceStream Technology

Naída CI Q Series sound processors provide exclusive Phonak Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ to help your child hear speech better in noise and on the telephone,8 to take the strain out of conversations. This technology also allows them to wirelessly stream music, phone calls, TV shows, and endless other media to one or two Naída CI processors or a processor and a compatible Phonak hearing aid at the same time.

UltraZoom Feature

This dual-microphone technology pioneered by Phonak is designed to focus on sound from a speaker located in front of the listener for improved speech understanding in noisy settings, compared to an omnidirectional microphone.9 Ideal for kids in school.

ZoomControl Feature

Allows your child to effortlessly focus on a speaker in front of, beside or behind them. Ideal on the playground or in the school cafeteria.

DuoPhone Feature

Kids these days don’t go anywhere without their phones. This feature automatically streams calls from any kind of telephone to both ears at the same time for easier conversations. This gives them the confidence for easy phone calls and you the freedom to get in touch anytime you need.

QuickSync Feature

QuickSync offers the unique convenience of one-touch control, so any volume or program adjustment you or your child makes on one processor is automatically applied to the other. This keeps the system fully coordinated and calibrated for high-quality hearing.



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AB – A Sonova Brand

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