Are Cochlear Implants Right For Me?

Making life-changing connections.

Hearing loss is caused when sound is no longer transmitted fully to the hearing nerve and brain. In cases where the amplification provided by hearing aids isn’t enough, a cochlear implant is the standard treatment.

For those with severe-to-profound, or advanced hearing loss, making the decision to get a cochlear implant can be truly life-changing. This decision starts with understanding how cochlear implants can help.

At Advanced Bionics, we see the large number of people with hearing loss as an inspirational challenge—it’s not a statistic, it’s millions of individuals that we can help connect with their world.

Are you a candidate for a cochlear implant? 

Some hearing aid wearers may be a candidate for a cochlear implant if any of the following apply:

“I still have difficulty following conversations without lip reading.”

“I hear pretty well in quiet environments, but still struggle in noisy environments or when in a group.”

“I still cannot follow most telephone conversations, especially if I don’t know the person calling.”

“I still feel isolated and limited, both socially and occupationally, because of my hearing loss.”