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On behalf of our AB team, we want to let you know that your health and safety is our top priority.  We are following CDC and state guidelines regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), and we are taking increased precautions.  If you don’t see an in-person event in your area, you may reach out to your local AB representative to explore virtual meetings in your community.  Additionally, in order to continue to provide the information you need, AB has converted their in-person events into a LIVE webinar series including captioning. Please join us for a free, live webinar hosted by a trained AB hearing professional to make your journey to better hearing as easy as possible.  Register online to reserve your time:  https://www.audiologyonline.com/general/live-webinar-series

Learn, Share, and Make New Friends at BEA Events

To help make you or your child’s journey to hearing as rewarding as possible, the Bionic Ear Association offers a range of events throughout the year, from informative online seminars to fun, in-person gatherings. Learn about cochlear implants, get one-on-one support, make a lifelong friend, and share your experiences at an upcoming BEA event online or in your area.


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