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Bring on the Performance: Introducing the Naída CI Q90 Sound Processor

The Naída CI Q90 sound processor provides unique, groundbreaking features to help you to effortlessly hear better in any environment.

Learn about AB's smallest, lightest new sound processor



AutoSound™ OS

As you move through your day, you experience many different sound environments. With AutoSound™ OS technology, your Naída CI Q90 intelligently analyzes and automatically adapts to the sound around you so you hear your best wherever you go without having to change programs or adjust any settings.



AutoSound OS allows you to:

  • Focus on the speaker in front of you with less effort, even in noisy situations
  • Enjoy music and understand song lyrics clearly
  • Hear more comfortably in the presence of wind or sudden, loud noises
  • Follow conversations effortlessly in cars, trains, or buses


Binaural Voicestream Technology™: The Best Technology for Hearing with Two Ears

AB provides the maximum possible speech understanding in any environment with the most advanced technology for hearing with both ears. The groundbreaking Phonak Binaural VoiceStream Technology (BVST) in your Naída CI Q90 sound processors doesn’t simply process sounds at the same time, like other systems. It gives your processors the unique ability to communicate with each other so they can work together, automatically and in real time. They intelligently focus on the sound you want to hear and deliver it wirelessly to both ears simultaneously while significantly reducing unwanted noises.

Get Connected!

With your Advanced Bionics C1 cochlear implant and Harmony™ sound processor, you have a number of great connectivity options, including wireless streaming to Bluetooth enabled devices, to help you hear better on the phone, in meetings, when chatting to friends and loved ones, or when listening to your favorite music:


Remarkable Recipient: Larissa Depamphilis



On December 12, 1996, Larissa Depamphilis became the youngest child to receive an AB cochlear implant at just 19 months of age, receiving a C1 internal device. Today, this AB pioneer is an engineering major who wants to design cochlear implants. 

“I went to watch one of my grandsons play basketball. The gym has been a noise nightmare for me that sounds like an echo chamber with screaming kids, parents, and bouncing balls. This time, I actually enjoyed myself and could hear what the people sitting next to me were saying and asking. That was when the changes being made by the Naída CI Q90 sound processor were very noticeable.”
—Nick Yacheson, AB recipient

“The automatic UltraZoom feature is awesome. I usually don’t adjust my program when I’m in a noisier environment, so for me it is fantastic. Before, I often got noise overload, which is very tiring and often prompted me to leave an event.  With UltraZoom adjusting automatically, I am much more comfortable and can hear better in noisy situations.”
—Leslie Flynn, AB Recipient

Your Life. Our Commitment.™

AB is committed to providing the best possible hearing experience for our recipients. Putting you first remains at the forefront of all that we do. If you have questions about AB or cochlear implants please contact us directly at or 866.844.4327.

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