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AB Introduces

New Wireless Connectivity Accessory in Canada

The leader in cochlear implants releases new wireless receiver to connect their wearers with the world simply and seamlessly. Advanced Bionics demonstrates its commitment to enriching the lives of their wearers with the release of the new Naída™ CI Connect receiver in Canada.

AB Launches

Active Insertion Monitoring (AIM) System: an innovative monitoring solution for implant surgery and post-op

AIM stands for Active Insertion Monitoring, and is designed to be an invaluable tool for surgeons and hearing care professionals working with cochlear implant patients.

AB Introduces

Hassle Free MRI Cochlear Implant Technology

Built on the HiRes™ Ultra platform and developed by the Research and Development Team at AB, the new implant is the Hassle Free and Pain Free choice for recipients undergoing MRI examinations. Even for high resolution MRI examinations there is no need to remove the magnet assembly and no requirement for head bandaging, meaning no hearing downtime for the patient.

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