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You said: I have some hearing in either ear.

If you are planning to use a cochlear implant in one ear and have some hearing in the other ear, there are many reasons to continue to use a hearing aid in your other ear. Your hearing aid provides loudness and sound with depth. Your cochlear implant gives you greater clarity. When the devices work together, they can provide the rich sound you want and the speech understanding you need.


We Recommend:
The Naída Link Bimodal Solution

Naída CI Sound Processor

Naída Link Hearing Aid

Easy to Hear

The most natural way to combine a hearing aid and cochlear implant

The Naída Link is the first and only hearing aid specifically designed to treat sound in the same way as a cochlear implant. This provides unique advantages that make it easier to hear with them together.


Easy to Use

Shared automatic features for improved sound quality and understanding in noise1,2

The Naída Link bimodal solution helps you hear with greater ease and more comfort throughout your day by using the same advanced automatic technology to react and adjust in the same way and at the same time to changing situations.

“Advanced Bionics has great bimodal features that have benefited me in so many ways. To me, the sound and clarity improves when using both ears.” — Samantha D., AB Recipient

Easy to Communicate

Hear important sounds in both ears

Your Naída CI and Naída Link devices are able to share sound signals with each other. This means when one ear has a clear listening advantage, you can instantly send that better sound to the other device, so you hear the clearer sound in both ears. 


Easy to Connect

Hear important sounds in both ears

You can choose from a wide selection of Phonak wireless accessories that stream audio directly to both devices for effortless hearing. 

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