Hear Your Best

Designed for the best hearing performance in and out of the water, Neptune also comes fully loaded with the industry’s most advanced hearing technology, including ClearVoice™*, HiRes Fidelity 120™*, and AutoSound™. So swim like a fish, live your life to the fullest, and hear your best with the revolutionary Neptune processor only from AB!

“Bath time is a tremendous learning experience for children. It’s a daily activity that’s so vocabulary rich. To be able to communicate to your child when you’re rinsing and shampooing means that they’re going to get that language naturally as a hearing child would.”

-Joan G. Hewitt, Au.D., Pediatric Audiologist

From the pool to the sea, swimming to surfing

Freestyle Design:
The beauty of nothing on the ear

Ease of Use:
The useability & durability for all ages & lifestyles

Performance Capability:
The incredible performance to hear your best

Strength in Performance

  • Neptune delivers AB’s advanced sound processing strategies to help recipients:
  • Hear speech clearly in noisy settings with AB’s groundbreaking ClearVoice™* technology 
  • Enjoy the complexities of music with HiRes Fidelity 120™*
  • Listen with less effort with AutoSound™, which adapts automatically to surroundings without adjusting controls 

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*Not approved for pediatric patients in the United States.

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