Easy to Use, Built Kid Tough™

Designed for easy useability and Built Kid Tough™ durability, Neptune  is ideal for every age and every lifestyle whether you live in a hot, humid area, swim like a fish, enjoy rigorous sports, need to connect in the classroom, or travel across the globe. Live on the go with the revolutionary Neptune processor and hear your best in all weather, all sports, and all terrain!

“I thought it was not possible in our lifetime that this technology would be developed so quickly. For a sports-oriented person like Deb, who doesn’t hold back on any of her activities, I think this will be a new life for her and us.”

-Rolf Netzel, husband of Deb Slevin, AB recipient

From the pool to the sea, swimming to surfing

Freestyle Design:
The beauty of nothing on the ear

Ease of Use:
The useability & durability for all ages & lifestyles

Performance Capability:
The incredible performance to hear your best

Unique Features

Easy Useability
  • Full day of listening with rechargeable and disposable batteries 
  • Tactile controls
  • IntelliLink™ safety feature to prevent bilateral mismatches
  • Visual and acoustic indicators
  • Easy connectivity to FM and audio devices
  • Easy Grip battery cover makes changing batteries quick and simple

Rechargeable & Disposable Batteries
  • Powered by one rechargeable or disposable AAA battery
  • Cost-effective rechargeable batteries for up to 21 hours of battery life
  • Convenient disposable batteries for up to 30 hours of battery life

Neptune Connect Childproof Controls
  • Removable controls for waterproof, childproof use
  • Instant access to FM and audio devices

Robust Durability
  • Robust, reliable design for:
  • All weather
  • All sports
  • All terrain
  • All ages
  • All lifestyles

“She plays a lot of soccer. If it’s raining during soccer, they don’t stop the soccer game, they just play right through it. And her Harmony processor has done a good job functioning properly. It’s just peace of mind that the Neptune can go out in the rain and we don’t have to worry.”

— Jeff Fulford, father of Kaelen, AB recipient

“There are several advantages to having an off the ear processor. The obvious one is cosmetics because you have the ability to hide the processor if you don’t want anyone knowing that you’re wearing it. But there are also advantages to children who are active in sports that need to wear a helmet, such as bicycling, hockey, football, baseball, softball. It’s difficult to get the helmet over the ear-level processor. With an off-the-ear processor, the child can place on the helmet, reach up and put the headpiece on under the helmet, then they have the safety of the helmet at the same time they can hear.”

— Joan G. Hewitt, Au.D., Pediatric Audiologist

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